McKinsey 2013 Report
Tuesday, March 4th, 2014
The internet's transformative impact on Africa was the subject of the McKinsey Global Institute report which came out in November.

While just 16 per cent of the continent’s one billion inhabitants are online, the report showed that numbers are changing rapidly in tandem with greater disposable income, more internet-capable devices and an increasing number of 3G networks.

The report suggested that six sectors would affected: financial services, education, health, retail, agriculture and government. And the rewards reaped could be massive: technology-related productivity gains in these sectors could reach $318 billion by 2025.

Most excitingly, the McKinsey report mentioned TRUE while discussing the potential of African startups to implement these changes:

‘As the smartphone market grows, apps will become increasingly important technology tools. But the African developer community is still very small, and as  a result, most African companies turn to US and European app developers to expand mobile platforms. True Mobile, a Senegalese startup, aims to change that dynamic by developing apps locally and incorporating a better understanding of the African audience and marketplace.’

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