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Branding concepts for the Dream Partnership.

Akon, Thione Niang and Samba Bathily have set up the Dream Partnership concept at a time when a new international political and economic elite is surfacing, particularly in emerging countries. They come from Africa of course, as well as Brazil, India and the Middle East and Asia.  They are working in partnership with their European and American counterparts to define new development models that address the challenges they face: strong economic growth, demographic explosions, climate and environmental issues – all amid a backdrop of dwindling resources and technological breakthroughs.

Clients of the Dream Partnership will include game-changers from the world of business, politics, art and ideas from all five continents.

The Partnership aims to meet the growing demand from African, Asian, American and European elites looking to work together – bringing together new and traditional spheres of influence. Members will be provided with a platform to discuss their visions for development and emergence, and explore new business and social change opportunities in discretion.

TRUE created brand concepts and guidelines for the project.

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