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The next major destination for investment in Africa.

In 2013, the President of Guinea hired TRUE to provide insights into policymaking in areas such as media, communications, culture and overall country branding. Starting with a communications strategy based on an organisational overhaul from the top down, TRUE proposed dual levels of communication – local and international – to help major investors, donors, diplomats and other stakeholders understand that Guinea is open to business and committed to building strong institutions.

Guinea is entering a new era. In the three years since its 2010 transition to a democratic government, the country has made significant progress, evidenced by positive political and economic indicators, a newly elected national assembly, proposed reforms to reinforce governance and transparent and fair business practices.

Guinea is a young democracy focused on a clear strategy for economic transformation, based on foreign direct investment.

Now that the country is equipped to enter talks with global players and to engage in the world of international business, it is possible for investors to make substantial profits.

Now, Guinea is set to become, in the next few years, one of the global players in the mining economy, a major agricultural producer and a sub-regional hydropower exporter.

TRUE was also involved in developing and implementing the ‘Isolate Ebola, Not Countries’ campaign with President Condé and his team. Designed to check irresponsible reporting and rash decision-making, the campaign raises awareness about the potentially negative consequences of economic and diplomatic isolation. The campaign was endorsed by the head of the I.M.F., Christine Lagarde, and featured in the New York Times, Libération, the Financial Times and others. Please click here for more information.


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