America's New Royalty

When Moët Hennessy USA needed a big idea for its market-leading Moët & Chandon champagne, it turned to TRUE.

TRUE was hired by LVMH’s leading champagne brand, Moët & Chandon, to create a targeted, non-traditional communications campaign, designed to reach young (21-35) transcultural consumers in four key influential metropolitan markets in America: New York City, Los Angeles, Miami and Chicago.

The objectives were to increase Moët’s relevance and credibility amongst young trendsetting consumers, to further strengthen opinion and consideration for the Moët & Chandon brand as the recognised market leader, and to build awareness of Moët’s Nectar and Rosé minis, magnums and the plastic flute.

TRUE’s strategy utilised tactical experiential marketing and a variety of non-traditional media (including on-premise stunts, viral internet, guerrilla marketing and promotional collateral) to speak directly to target consumers in key clubs and bars where they play at night. TRUE designed interactive brand activity for Moët & Chandon on a specially created ‘Moët Moments’ website, with key blog and community features managed by TRUE’s content team.

The creative starting point was logo exploration, with TRUE basing the graphic element of the executions around the Moët crown device. Calling on its network of prominent contemporary artists around the world (José Parlá, Rostarr, Jay One and others), TRUE commissioned unique interpretations of the Moët crown device, which were to be used on a series of promotional pieces. These ‘remixes’ of the device were both visual language and iconography deemed recognisable and appropriate for the settings and clientele, infiltrated as stealth subliminal elements into Moët’s new online and off-line environments.

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