Beauty Rules

TRUE Mobile developed and designed Pamperologist, a new mobile platform dedicated to finding, sharing and promoting beauty services, which is launching in Singapore.

TRUE Mobile worked with Pamperologist’s founding team to create an iPhone mobile app for the beauty site. Using the app’s geolocation, users can search and view beauty vendors in their neighbourhood. They can take pictures and share them, along with vendor listings, via social media. These images can also be saved to a personal account to share or to store for later reference.

Visit the Pamperologist site.


Pamperologist SQ



TRUE Mobile was charged with creating a visual identity for Pamperologist that would be functional, clean and legible, with a feminine feel that would appeal to Pamperologist’s target audience.

User interface was a key part of the TRUE Mobile development process. The overall design for the app focuses on a fluid interface that allows users to move easily through the various different functions and to search for hair, nail, beauty and skincare vendors with a single click. The app’s advanced filters refine the search, giving results based on the user’s needs.

The Pamperologist app will be launching soon in Singapore, which is well known for its varied and growing beauty industry. Taiwan will follow, and then, shortly thereafter, the USA.


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