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TRUE manages the full publishing process for Picturehouse Recommends magazine, including its first appearance on Apple Newsstand.

With a print run of 200,000 copies every quarter, 130,000 of which are direct-mailed to dedicated, paying members, Picturehouse Recommends is the ultimate filmgoers’ magazine. Its blend of previews, reviews, features and interviews gives its members – and wider audiences – across its 21 cinemas all the more reason to keep coming to see the very best in film each quarter. Also published for free on iPad through Apple Newsstand, with added extras such as trailers, extended articles and direct booking links, Picturehouse Recommends talks directly to the most devoted cinemagoers in the UK.



TRUE was tasked with building on the success of Picturehouse Recommends to date by cementing its reputation as a serious film magazine and providing added value to Picturehouse members.

TRUE managed the whole publishing process for City Screen, from concept to print and distribution, bringing together a team of experienced editors, journalists and art directors to give the magazine a new editorial tone and design.

With Accelerated Intelligence as a partner, the TRUE team brought expert knowledge of film and entertainment to the project, executing the editorial, design and development elements to the highest standards.

Launching a digital platform for Picturehouse Recommends was also a core requirement, enabling users to engage with the magazine beyond the print format.

‘The purpose of Picturehouse Recommends is not only to inform our audiences about forthcoming releases that we particularly support, but also to nurture a greater engagement with quality cinema among our already cineliterate customers.’

Gabriel Swartland, Head of Communications

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