30 Americans at Art Basel Miami

To bring the PUMAVison CSR initiative to its network of influential consumers, TRUE helped launch the 30 Americans project.

PUMA_mag_stackThe sports brand PUMA believes that its position gives the company the opportunity – and the duty – to contribute to a better world for the generations to come. As part of an initiative to do good, the company has launched a large, global effort called PUMAVision, which is intended to help to build a safer, more peaceful and more creative world than the one we know today. TRUE was honoured to be part of this vision.

PUMA sponsored an exhibition showcasing the work of 30 African-American artists at Art Basel in Miami. The show drew a record 8,000 visitors a day during the fair.

PUMA_MAGTRUE created the magazine, 30 Americans, to bring the PUMAVision corporate social responsibility initiative to its network of influential consumers. It was shot by artists Rachid Johnson and Hank Willis Thomas.

Named after the art show previewed during Art Basel Miami at the Rubell Family Collection, the 32-page print magazine was distributed at the exhibition, with TRACE and other magazines, and online via the PUMA website.

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