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TRUE was responsible for the content strategy, wireframes, website and design services for Vgreet, an innovative free-standing video-based system.

A pioneer within remote access and video conferencing, Vgreet designs and manufactures products and technologies for next-generation business collaboration. Remote-access applications allow consumers and customers to interact with experts over video, thereby allowing organisations to make better use of resources, reduce their cost of sale and improve customer satisfaction with immediate access to advisors.

Vgreet appointed TRUE in relation to content strategy, wireframes and design services for its innovative free-standing video-based system for virtual services called Vgreet. It uses video-conferencing technology, coupled with the latest touchscreen and multimedia technology to provide face-to-face interactive opportunities. There are so far six Vgreets located in the main entrances across Workspace and Club Workspace sites. And in the near future these will be rolled out to all the flagship Workspace centres.




TRUE was also in charge of designing and developing a website and content strategy for Vgreet. We used engaging storytelling and striking imagery to lead the user through a journey from product concept to business benefits. Industry insights, case studies and testimonials bring the Vgreet to life and situate the product in an industry and business context.

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